Ben – Senior Director Group Accounting
“Flexibility is indispensable”BenSenior Director Group Accounting at YAZAKI
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Ben – Senior Director Group Accounting
I am very lucky – I have a great team, they take responsibility themselves and are very motivated. In return, I stay flexible and support them when they need it.Ben – Senior Director Group Accounting

Ben - the flexible Teamleader

An insight into Ben's day
YAZAKI Corporation, a family-owned company, was founded in 1929 as the first Japanese manufacturer of automobile wiring harness systems. Within the automotive business, our product range includes wiring harness systems, plug connection systems and electronic systems. More than 250,000 committed and highly motivated employees in 44 countries make us one of the most successful international automotive suppliers with an annual sales volume of approx. 9 billion Euros. We are looking forward to new colleagues who help us to build on this success.
Ben - the flexible Teamleader
Ben - the flexible Teamleader
Ben - the flexible Teamleader


Ben, Senior Director Group Accounting
  • YAZAKI: “Ben, can you tell us a little bit about your position?”
    Ben: “I started at YAZAKI as a team leader of Group Accounting within the Finance Department. Our core responsibilities comprise consolidating the financial statements of the legal entities, reporting
Challenges and support for the team.
  • to Japan and defining and monitoring the accounting policies and procedures for the European entities. There are currently 7 team members including myself. A while back I was promoted to senior director group accounting.”
  • YAZAKI: “Can you give us a short summary of your career path to YAZAKI?”
    Ben: “I'm a Chartered Accountant from the UK. I qualified with large audit practice and then moved into industry, working for a number of companies in a range of industries. I moved to Germany 3 years ago from the UK as my wife is from the area. YAZAKI attracted me because of its international profile and excellent career opportunities. Moreover, there are close links with the UK in terms of the financial structure.”
  • YAZAKI: “What were your first impressions at YAZAKI?“
    Ben: “Well, at the interview it was already clear that the job was going to be a challenge. I appreciated the honesty and I also enjoy challenging roles. When I started, the team actually interviewed me, which I had never experienced before. All of them told me about themselves, their experiences and their tasks and questioned me about my experience.”
  • YAZAKI: “Did you get settled soon?
    Ben: “I definitely did. The position of team leader was a new position, which could have made it difficult for the team members, but they knew I was there to help them so they were really welcoming and set aside a lot of time to give me a thorough introduction. I was also supported well by my superior. She encouraged changes and gave constructive feedback in every challenge.”
  • YAZAKI: “What characterizes the team work in your team?”
    Ben: “I am actually very lucky – I have a great team, they take responsibility themselves and are very motivated to implement improvements and changes! In return I stay flexible, try to be available to discuss any issue and support them when they need it. I think the basics are really important. Therefore, we have team meetings every week. Everyone can introduce his ideas to the team on this occasion, and I have the opportunity to inform the team about new topics. YAZAKI is very fast paced and it is important that everyone within the team knows what the others are working on, the status of all of the tasks, new issues, projects and priorities.”
  • YAZAKI: “How do you support the development of your team?
    Ben: “There is the PMP process every year which sets targets for each individual and also includes the support that can be given in terms of training and development. These measures are very helpful and support my creed: Each and every one of us is a leader. Some of us just don't know it yet.”

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A variety of tasks and responsibilities.



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